GoodnessMe is the result of kiwis seeing a chance to introduce great new products that fill a gap on local supermarket shelves. 

As a business we’re proud to be New Zealand owned and inspired. As a range of products we’re the best we can be, we promote a balanced diet and we’re transparent about what goes into them. So you get convenience, honesty and taste … just like our original product - GoodnessMe Fruit Sticks and Nuggets which have proven to be a family favourite, from gym bags to luncheboxes and handbags to gloveboxes.

Simply put, at GoodnessMe we love good food. While you’ve been reading this we've been searching the globe for the best ingredients, the newest ideas and the most passionate people to add to our range of great tasting products. It's all about quality snacks for busy families that satisfy the needs of every body through a healthy approach to hunger, health and happiness. These are the ‘Goodness Me' moments.


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